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Web Design option 1 – Starter

If you choose to take option 1, the cost is £350, its a website design that consists of 3 pages, you can include up to 6 images with thumbnails, if required to enable us to show you various styles of websites and for us to get a real understanding of your requirements, your contact details including your e-mail address. We include 2 consultations to enable you to develop your site with us, the total consultation time will be around 2 hours.

 Web Design option 2 - Business Website

If you choose to take option 2 the cost is £500 this is for businesses that require more of a corporate presence on the internet, we provide a more tailored solution that can include up to 5 pages, 10 images with thumbnails if required, a reply form for your customers to complete their inquiry on. This options is ideal for clients that wish to replicate their booklet or literature on the internet. We include 3 consultations to enable you to develop your site with us, the total consultation time will be around 3 hours.

Web Design option 3 - Bespoke Website design

If you choose to take option 3 the cost is between £1300 - £2500 this is for advanced Website design including the use of macromedia’s “flash”, database integration, discussion boards and general advanced Website applications. The fee can be established after assessing your requirements. We can create shopping trolleys for your customers to purchase goods from your site with complete confidence that their transaction will be secure

E- Shop Store Website

If you choose to take the E Store Catalogue option the cost is between £1500 - £4000. Our E-Shop is the perfect start for a Business hoping to attract success on the web. Choose from many of our design templets. Present & display up to 100 products. With this option you will receive 100 MB web space, 10 GB/month bandwidth, We include 3 consultations if required to enable you to develop your site with us, the total consultation time will be around 3 hours.

Members only are We can offer you secure or client - only areas for a site. Cost for this will depend on the number and type of pages you require. To give you an idea of the costs, we can provide ten static pages starting at £300. For pages that can be customized by the client prices start at £800

For information and quotations, please contact us by e-mail

Discussion Forum
We can add a discussion forum to an existing website and customize the appearance to your requirements. For a simple design we can create the forum at a cost of £400 - £500. For a more complex design the cost would be around £1000.

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